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Shadow Company Firearms Training offers a wide spectrum of firearms and tactical training specifically tailored for both civilian and law enforcement applications. Our classes are not only for experienced shooters but also those who are new to firearms. No matter how basic or advanced the class, we pride ourselves by teaching the most important fundamental of firearms training…safety!

Shadow Company was founded by P.F. Jones. Mr. Jones is a Certified Master Firearms Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor with more than 14 years of experience in firearms and related use techniques. While working both in the field and as a trainer, Mr. Jones has worked and trained with elite military and law enforcement units around the world including security consultancy, private military contractor (PMC) services and executive protection (bodyguard) services. Additionally, he served as an investigator and team leader serving an array of high-risk arrest warrants.


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NRA, Basic Pistol Course
Basic Pistol Course also qualifies for the minimum required training in the State of Colorado for the application of a Concealed Carry Permit (CCW).

Cost: $125.00 per person

This class consists of five lessons that will teach students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude required for the safe ownership and operations of handguns. The live fire portion will test a shooter’s safe handling skills and reinforce the basic rules of safety that the course teaches to new and experienced shooters. The basic pistol course is ideal for anyone who has purchased a handgun for the first time and would like to apply for a concealed carry permit. Upon completion the shooter will understand how to safely maintain, transport and store their pistol as well as how to shoot the firearm. The class will provide the basic skills that will have shooters placing shots on to a target in no time. 


The following advanced classes are custom designed by Shadow Company Firearms Training and are not a part of the official NRA training standards.

Point shooting class

Cost: $80.00 per person for a 2-hour class 

(a minimum of 2 hours is required)

Our point shooting is designed for more experienced shooter with basic firearms knowledge and experience. Point shooting is the ability for a shooter to be able to shoot a target without aiming with the sights. This form of shooting is done effectively with a gun that fits the shooter well and at a very close range.

advanced tatical firearms training

Cost: $160.00 per person

Our advanced tactical firearms training will teach techniques so a shooter has the edge in a hostile shooting incident. These classes are aimed at professionals and serious tactical shooters who are looking to carry handguns, shotguns and/or rifles for personal protection or in hostile environments. Shooters will be instructed of certain street tactics to minimize the threat during and after an incident. As with all our tactical techniques, advanced tactical firearms training are straightforward and effective

One-on-One Instruction

Cost: $30.00 per hour

We understand there are shooters, especially those new to firearms, who require a more customized instruction to feel comfortable. To aid we have NRA certified instructors available hourly for one-on-one personal instruction.

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For our class schedules, please email shadowco77@yahoo.com

Payment is due in full at time of class. Cash and certified funds only please. Money order payable to Preston Jones. No personal checks will be accepted.

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